Red Barn Forge -  In Historic Braselton, GA

"Equipping Mountain Men"

My Background

   I'm Dave Leimbach , sole owner and operator of Red Barn Forge.

I love Jesus. Met Him in 1996 after being severely crippled in a car accident. I healed from those injuries over time and did some pretty cool things with my gift of a new life. In  2009 I suffered brain and central nervous system damage after an adverse reaction to an antibiotic. I still live with those lasting afflictions and limitations. I still love Jesus. More so.

I have been a craftsman for over 25 years. I do bladesmithing, blacksmithing, leather, kydex, wood, and jewerly work. In a former company I had designed and fabricated equipment for use by Law Enforcement & Military. Currently, I celebrate early American crafts of all kinds in my present work. I'm also now filling needs for experienced Bushcrafters.

I now manufacture production knives for myself and other companies (retail and wholesale) daily. I've gotten away from doing custom work and repairs. But if it's a slow period, I may (or may not) take on the extra work. It's OK to ask, but depending on my work load, I may have to say no. 

Personally, I'm primarily centered around  making basic everyday woodcraft tools such as tomahawks, flint strikers, and knives from Colonial to Fur Trade eras. But honestly also I'm known to make everything and anything when the mood strikes. Lately I have been making early American home d├ęcor as well multiple leather goods; both period and modern styles.

I've been married for 28 years. My youngest has has Autism. I am his primary caretaker so you often see us together.  We live in a late 1800's farmhouse, raise organic chickens, cook from scratch, and always have a LOT of domestic chores to do. We also have a German Shepherd for company. My wife has regular full time job. So everyday is a full day for us as a small busy family. My family helps with the business whenever possible. So you are likely to see them at the store working with me. Especially my son. If you meet him, please do not speak excessively loud. You are welcome to ask him for a high five. If he shy's away don't take it personal. He's friendly and will eventually warm up to you. My wife opens the shop if she is off on Friday's so that I can fabricate. I pretty much make "stuff" 7 days a week. 

I'm very passionate about my work and making my customers happy. When I say that my family appreciates your business, I sincerely mean it. I'm very grateful to you for supporting my family and allowing me to better my craft(s).

Kindest Regards,