Red Barn Forge -  In Historic Braselton, GA

"Equipping Mountain Men"


These are some of (but not all ) the services I offer. Not all work is done on site. To be honest I usually don't like to be watched while I work.

Service 1


I have been doing professional sharpening for over 20 years. I can normally do most knives regardless of edge damage in under 2 minutes to face shaving sharp. I don't sharpen hair cutting scissors or grooming tools. But I do sharpen utility scissors, machetes, swords, lawnmower blades, and generally anything cutlery related. Currently, knife/tool sharpening is drop off Friday and pick up Monday. I generally don't sharpen on premises. The shop is too busy.

Service 2

Knife repair and modification. (Not currently taking custom orders due to long backlog)

I have over 25 years experience with repairing and modifying knives.I have likely repaired or modified 5 knives for everyone I have made over the last 25+years. I can usually give a prompt quote if I have everything on hand and I'm familiar with the form of cutlery. If not I will get back to you in 72 hours when I have all the info on materials and tooling you and I need. Whether I do repairs or not are based on workload. If I have several months backlog, I usually decline unless you have Job like patience.

Service 3

Custom leather work  (Not currently taking custom orders due to long backlog)

I have done leather work as long as I have been a knifemaker. I work with both hard and soft leather making a myriad of different practical  products. However, I don't enjoy doing heavy carving or tooling of hard leather products. It's very time and labor intensive. When you run a one man shop, time is everything. That said, if you need a well made hand stitched  bag, purse, or a sheath, etc, made then I'm very happy to do it. Primarily, I usually only do leather work in limited production runs for companies now. If your company has a need, I will fill it.

Service 4

Custom Knife or Blacksmith Fabrication Services  (Not currently taking individual custom orders due to backlog.) I do offer modern manufacturing services for small companies. Inquire with an email. (Must have a business license and tax number in order for me to manufacture for you.)

I generally like to do my own thing and make products that I am well practiced in and sell regularly. If you would like something custom made, please know that you need to be a patient person and willing to wait for my best work. Please keep in mind that my better work does cost considerably more than my everyday wares. The only way to know how much, is to simply ask. If you do ask for a quote, please have a really good and detailed idea of exactly what you would like me to do. A picture reference is ideal. That all benefits both of us greatly. If you would just like me to use artistic license, I can do that too. Either way it's my pleasure to make something special for you.

Service 4

Prototyping and Manufacturing services

We offer prototyping services for both cutlery and leather goods. Anything items prototype, we are also capable of manufacturing in bulk for you. Contact us with details of what you need done and the time frame needed. We will respond promptly with a very competitive quote.

 Examples of items we are experienced in making in large quantities; Fixed blade knives, bracelets, portfolios, bags, coasters, mats, belts, and much more!